May 2024

Raising the trophy

Competition and Faith…

Hello leaders, clients, donors, and friends, Greetings this morning from Alabama, my 41st visited state, and the site of an Executive Forum I’m part of for a few days. Here’s a few brief thoughts today about competition and faith, whih are both most relevant topics for any leader. You may have seen (or heard about) […]

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Eclipse: The Day After…

Hello leaders, clients, donors, and friends, I’m writing to you about “The Day After.” Again! Last week, it was the day after Easter, and I offered a little challenge to keep the faith and hope and victory of Easter alive in our homes, relationships, and even workplaces. As leaders, we know that it all starts

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Horse Race

Tale of Two Horseys

Good afternoon leaders, clients, donors, and friends, This weekend I saw the thrill of victory and…the thrill of victory! I had an abiding personal interest in two stories witnessed by “large” audiences who saw amazing drama unfold. One “large” audience included 157,000 people live and 16.7 million on TV. The other had about 50,000 live

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